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Tips on Watering for Healthy Trees

Trees need water. Although larger trees show signs of stress at a slower pace, you may fail to maintain the essential requirement of water. Water is important to keep trees healthy and beautiful. 

A number of tree roots are situated in the upper 3 feet of the soil. When drought occurs, the roots have to endure since they supply water to the tree. The deeper the root is the more it can provide water for the tree. Water is and will always be a major concern for trees that have just been transplanted and have been established.

Gardening shops invest a lot in watering their trees so that they are in tip-top shape for clients. Transferring a tree to a different environment will distress it unless you execute ample supervision and watering just in time for the roots to establish.

Considering that your new tree has been planted correctly, your site soil and the planting ball should have loose transition soil in the middle. Try to give additional water to the transition soil and the ball. To do that you have to create a couple of dikes that are 4 to 5 inches in height surrounding the tree base. Remember that one should be about 30 inches in diameter while the other is smaller than the root ball. Provide water for the interior circle for about 3 weeks every 1 to 3 days. This should be done to ensure moisture in the root ball. In about 4 to 6 weeks the roots should have entered the transition soil and demolished the interior dike. Keep the exterior ring moist during this period.

In watering trees that have been established, stress from water is depicted more slowly. Some symptoms associated with this are premature dropping of leaves, changes in the color of the leaves and wilting.

Your objective in watering this kind of tree is to allow the roots to get as much water as it can hold. Avoid giving water so rapidly that the soil can't soak it up. Another thing to remember is to place the water evenly within the tree’s drip line.

Transplanted or established trees will require constant maintenance and watering so they can grow beautifully. Keep in mind these simple tips:

* Observe the trees for symptoms of stress and give plenty of water especially during the drought season.
* Even old trees require water for maintenance.
* The dual dike system for transplanted trees, as explained above, will provide enough water for the tree to become established.
* Don't take for granted watering just because stress symptoms show very late.

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