Mowing and Lawncare

Lawn mowing is a good workout and prevents an eyesore that is your lawn. Not only will correct lawn mowing help in beautifying your lawn but it will also make your lawn denser to endure drought, avoid disease and defy weeds. Take note of the following tips to ensure you and your lawn’s happy coexistence.


  • Be careful when using the lawn mower. Lawn mowers can be very dangerous especially if you aren't using it properly. Years of mowing without accidents doesn't mean that an injury can't happen. Always wear shoes while mowing. Also remove sticks and rocks in your yard before mowing instead of mowing over them.


  • Never cut more than one-third of the grass’ length in a session. This is done because cutting more than a third will shock the grass and result in poor rooting. If your lawn has grown out of control, try to mow again after two days. 


  • A longer lawn is healthier than a short lawn. This doesn't mean that you should allow your lawn to go crazy but instead avoid cutting the lawn too short because it will be more susceptible to weeds. On the other hand, a longer lawn can provide shade that will result in cooler soil that won't need as much irrigation. The shade also inhibits the growth of various kinds of weeds. As a result, lawn maintenance will definitely be much easier in terms of mowing, watering and weeding.


  • Don't mow a wet lawn. Mowing a wet lawn can easily spread lawn fungus and grubs more quickly than mowing a dry lawn. Try to schedule your mowing in the evening or late afternoon since your lawn has probably dried up from the watering or morning dew.


  • Keep your lawn mower blades sharp. Blunt lawn mower blades mean that you aren't cutting the grass but tearing them apart. Not only will your lawn look ragged in appearance but the rough edges will increase the chances of lawn diseases. Try to replace your lawn mower blades the first time you see frayed or torn grass blades. 


  • Don't stick to a regular mowing day. Every grass has its peak growing season and alternately has a sluggish growing season. During peak season mow every 3 to 4 days and every week during slow growth season. 
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