Bermuda Lawn Care

Bermuda in the garden entails care. It is green from spring until winter and it is light brown during the winter months. It is a tough kind of grass and usually mixed with bahia when it is planted on the road side. It is often seen in utility plantings.

Bermuda needs full sunlight in order to form a turf that is tight and lush green. Too much shade can make the Bermuda lawn too weedy and thin. Bemuda lawns usually survives drought on a periodic basis. Water the lawn when the dry spell lasts for as long as two weeks or more.
When you have Bermuda in your lawn, you must feed it properly. This is done by fertilizing it correctly. You know that you are doing this if the Bermuda knits itself in a turf that is strong enough to resist weeding. 

A garden owner can have a Bermuda lawn just by following the step-by-step program of Bermuda grass lawn care. With proper watering and mowing, the Bermuda lawn will grow healthy and strong. 

Bermuda spreads through stolons and rhizomes. These are the above-ground stems and spreading roots respectively. Because these spread fast, the garden owner must be vigilant when it comes to keeping out the shrub or flower borders. Bermuda that has become wayward is easy to dig during the winter because it has become dormant. 

Here are some steps to remedy the weed problems on Bermuda lawn care:
1. Apply fertilizer during late winter.
2. Control the lawn during early spring.
3. Apply fertilizer during late spring. Do insect control when necessary.
4. When needed to raise pH, apply lime during the fall. 

Here are some steps to maintain your Bermuda lawn’s good condition
1. Apply lime during late winter or during early spring.
2. Apply fertilizer and do insect control during late spring or during early summer. 
3. Apply winterizer (winter conditioner) and do insect control when needed during late summer or during early fall. 

The key is to do the steps indicated throughout the year. You will see improvements in your Bermuda lawn after time. Remember to read the label on the lawn care product before you apply it to your Bermuda grass. You have to be careful with the weed killers and fertilizers. Only use products that have been specified for Bermuda grass lawn care. 

You will benefit from this eventually. It is relaxing to look at a lush green garden. 


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